The sales and transfer of goods of every kind which is tradable, and sold and purchased in the normal course of commerce are taxable in India under Value Added Tax (VAT) Act implemented by each of the State. Value Added Tax or VAT as the name suggest is a tax on the value added to the Goods in each step of the production and distribution process. The final VAT tax is however borne by the end consumer as the dealers are allowed to retain the tax collected on his/her purchases against the VAT tax paid by the dealer.

The Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act, 2002 governs VAT / TIN Registration in Maharashtra, VAT Tax Rates, Return Filing and all aspects of Value Added Tax in Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, VAT Registration is mandatory for anyone with annual sales turnover of over Rs.5 lakhs. In case, of Importers, VAT Registration is mandatory if the annual turnover crosses Rs.1 lakh. In addition, those persons wishing to commence commerce in the state of Maharashtra may get voluntary VAT Registration under Section 16 of the Maharashtra Value Added Tax, 2002 by paying a security deposit of Rs.25000 to the Government Treasury. Once the application for VAT Registration is made, the registering authority will allot a TIN Number (Tax Identification Number). There is no difference between VAT, TIN and CST, so the Maharashtra VAT Registration will also serve as the dealers Maharashtra TIN Number or Maharashtra CST Registration.

Maharashtra VAT / CST Registration

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