Collaboration is a deal between the Landowner & the Builder where the Owner appoints a Builder to develop, construct and build a new building on his plot of land by entering into a Collaboration Agreement where the Owner is desirous of getting the property re-developed/re-constructed due to financial constraints and lack of experience in construction, therefore, approaches the Builder to develop the property for and on behalf of the Owner at Builder's cost. as the Builder is engaged in the business of promotion, development and construction of real estate and is well established in this business.

The Builder demolishes the existing structure on the plot of land and develop, construct and/or build a building consisting of Basement, Stilt, Ground Floor, First Floor, Second Floor and Third Floor with terrace, at its own costs and expense, after getting the building plans sanctioned from the authorities concerned and then develops, constructs and complete the Building at its own costs and expenses after procuring the requisite permissions, sanctions and approvals for development construction and completion of the said building on the plot at Builder's cost. The Owner authorises the nominee of the Builder along with General Power of Attorney, to apply for necessary sanctions and permissions, approvals to the authority or authorities concerned and also pursues and co-operates with the Builder in obtaining such or all other permissions, approvals as may be necessary or required for ensuring the due execution of the proposed work of development and construction of the proposed building.

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