Buy-Back is a corporate action in which a company buys back its shares from the existing shareholders usually at a price higher than market price. When it buys back, the number of shares outstanding in the market reduces and hence the market capitalisation. A company may plan to invest in itself and offer the existing shareholders an option to sell their shares to the company at an attractive price. It is similar to reinvesting its cash in itself which also aims at bringing in dilution in the markets as outstanding shares in the market are reduced.

A company may also go for buybacks with an aim of projecting better valuation of their stocks when they think it is undervalued in the market. The reason is companies buy its shares at higher price than current market price which indicates that its worth in the market is more than the present value. This in turn shoots up company’s stock prices post buy back. some companies may also use it as a tool to change their capital structure i.e. debt-equity ratio in specific. By buying back the shares from open market, a company may increase its reliance on the debt financing rather than equity financing. Companies also go for buyback with intent of projecting better financial ratios.

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