A company’s articles are not set in stone and a need for change can arise for a number of reasons. As such an important document, it’s essential that the articles contain provisions that are right for the company. That’s particularly true when the company has more than one director or shareholder, as properly crafted articles serve to protect their respective rights and interests in the company.

Any change must be in the genuine best interests of the whole company, not just designed to meet the needs of some members. While this doesn’t mean that every member must agree to a change to the articles, such change cannot be used by a majority to discriminate against the minority or deprive minority shareholders of their statutory rights as shareholders.

You can’t change the articles to remove the ability to make further changes to them in future. However, there may be conditions attached to making alterations – for example, a contractual arrangement like a shareholders’ agreement may effectively restrict the ways in which the articles can be amended.

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