Distinct from statutory audits, internal audits are conducted at the behest of internal management in order to check the health of a company’s finances and analyze an organization’s operational efficiency. Internal audit is an independent function of management which entails the continuous and critical appraisal of the functioning of an entity, with a special focus on possible areas for improvement and how to strengthen and add value to an entity’s governance mechanisms. The primary, but restricted, function of internal audit is to verify the reliability of information included in financial statements. This additionally entails the verification of non-financial information and transactions for accuracy and compliance with an entity’s policies and procedures.

Maintaining a full-fledged and strategically directed internal audit department has emerged as a critical prerequisite for the forging of informed decisions by management. Evolving from a function for maintaining vigilance in financial transactions, internal audit has undeniably become the backbone of a sound corporate governance system. As the conduct of business become increasingly international in scope, successfully navigating compliance with both local and foreign laws has become gradually more complex.

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