Tax Related Service India is India's leading provider of taxation, corporate and legal services for Individuals, entrepreneurs and Companies.

The Idea...

After working for more than 3 decades as a professional of Indian Taxation and Legal system, I realised that how the hassles are more now and there is one word that is surely missing in the fog of numerous compliances, “Simplicity”.

This has led to difficulty in finding an expert for the ever evolving and complex corporate environment who can help all, from an Individual to budding entrepreneur to a seasoned businessman and a clever investor.

I faced this problem as well as our clients to get everything under a single roof and there was a realisation that this issue is pressing in everyone’s mind. And I searched for a single shop for all solutions and there was None.

So it was decided to create by teaming up with the people who are involved deep within this industry and know what goes with what. Our purpose is to serve you with all kinds of services in fields of Taxation, Corporate Matters, Legal, Accounts and Auditing, under one roof through the Gurus.

The Name...

It’s a collective of three words that reflect our background and defines our purpose.

Tax signifies the Taxation and legal environment. It represents services we offer.

Filing denotes shaping something and is also associated with the context of filings in legal matters.

Guru is a Sanskrit term that connotes someone who is a "teacher, guide or master" of certain knowledge. In Indian traditions, it exemplifies someone who is a counsellor, who helps, shares experiential and literal knowledge and supports in the growth of everyone.

“Our people are the gurus of their fields and we want to guide you like guru, share our knowledge so you are focused on your goals, counsel and support in shaping your businesses and ideas that lead to a sustainable continuing financial growth.”

The Logo...

It’s the quintessence of our name and resonates with our purpose.

The Arrow

An arrow is pointing from right to left in the logo.

The Arrow has many symbolic meanings attached to it varying across cultures. Generally it is regarded as a symbol of direction, power, speed, knowledge, and protection; all of which reflect our values and vision. And an arrow pointing to the left means warding off evil.

The arrow is made of a Shaft and an arrowhead is attached to it.

The arrowhead is pointing at the word “Tax” meaning the arrow defines how we provide our services.

The words “filing” and “guru” are the shaft and the shaft represents their meaning.

It all collectively means that we want to provide our services like a guru and shape our clients business and ideas and lead them in the direction of growth by warding off the difficulties through our guidance, knowledge and support.

And Gurus aren’t a flock of sheep, we are separate, because...

Simplicity : Taxation and legal hassles are complex for you, but for us, providing you with the best solutions and services is just part of our job. It’s our bread and butter and we like it toasted. We stand out from our competitors by providing solutions that make everything effortless and easy for our clients.

Security : A sense of Security is what everybody wants while teaming up with someone. And like your guides, we know its importance and work to protect your interests. We will never be first like mothers, but we try to bag the second place.

Trust : Trust is the basis of any relationship and the life support for its continuity. We value building long lasting relationships with our clients and work with them like they are a family.

Confidentiality : Keeping your personal and financial information safe and secure is a top priority at TaxFilingGuru. Our ethical staff and carefully planned service processes ensure that all of our client’s information is protected, so that you can place your confidence in us.

Support : You have questions... and we have answers! Our customer relations team, as well as our core team members, work closely with each client to create a relationship that is unparalleled in the industry. We take the time to understand your needs, address your concerns, and give you the best experience possible. We keep track of even the slightest of factors related to your work scenario, in order to understand your tax and legal situation completely and catch any abnormalities present in any of your previous paperworks, and ensure that your concerns are addressed to the best of your satisfaction at every step.

Value : As part of our commitment to you, our client, we have created a pricing structure that is easy to understand and very affordable. We always focus on providing the best of services that generate value so that we have a long term business relation with all our clients.

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