A Sale Deed Agreement is an agreement that states all the terms and conditions of sale is mandatory before confirming a property deal. This agreement should be agreed upon by both the parties, the buyer and the seller. This is the base document which is used to construct the process of transferring the property.

A sale agreement must be framed before formation of the sale deed. This agreement needs to be printed on a non-judicial stamp paper and signed by both parties. This document can also be produced in the court of law in case of any legal issues in any later stages while closing the deal. The agreement is supposed to state the procedure that will finally lead to the execution of the sale deed.

An agreement to sell states the conditions under which the seller intends to sell the property and the buyer intends to purchase the property. This is to ensure that the buyer and the seller are on the same page with respect to the execution of the sale. This will also confirm that the transaction goes through without any confusion or dispute.

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